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About Vinera Wine Society

Over the past 40 years our family of wine has evolved into an amazing society; bringing winemakers around the world together with wine lovers throughout America.

We only work with family-owned wineries and establish personal relationships with the winemakers. We want you to learn about the wines you love, travel with us to the wineries and meet the winemakers. We are all about personal relationships, good health, a fun lifestyle and heaps of fine wines! We welcome anyone with a passion for wine, from novices to collectors, to be part of our global wine community and join our Vinera Wine Society.

  • Hans Fritsch

    Founder of Vinera Wine Society

    For over 30 years I have been traveling the world to search for estate wineries and attend international wine shows. This includes many visits with wine producers in Germany, France, Italy, Croatia, Bulgaria, Portugal, Austria, South Africa, New Zealand & Argentina.

  • Agi Fritsch

    Vinera Wine Society Representative - Executive Level

    For the past 20 years, wine and travel have been my passion and way of life. This journey has resulted in strong relationships with winemakers and co-workers but most importantly, it has allowed me to achieve my ultimate goal of sharing my passion for wine and travel. Sharing and making you fall in love with the world of wine is Vinera’s main focus and I am thrilled to be your guide. Together, we will discover the old and new world of wine while creating memories and long lasting friendships!

  • Liza Smith

    Vinera Wine Society Representative - Executive Level

    Having been with Vinera Wine Society since 2002, my passion to match people with wine has been deeply rewarding. I’ve always loved wine, traveling and people, and my position with Vinera has provided the opportunity to experience them all. My interest in international wines began with my first trip to Europe many years ago where I discovered nuances in wine and what made each one unique. Since then, I’ve traveled abroad several more times to keep “refreshing” my palate and knowledge of international wines.

  • Julene Schlobohm

    Vinera Wine Society Representative - Executive Level

    Join me in bringing together two of life’s greatest experiences – travel and wine! Prior to the current wine world I live in now, I enjoyed backpacking Europe, sailing in Fiji, swimming with the whale sharks in Mexico and backpacking the beautiful country of Thailand. Now I can enjoy my travels and wine together! And I invite you to come along for the experience of a lifetime. Meet the winemakers of the wines you enjoy, see and experience their lives, drink the wines you love so much on the land they came from. Let’s explore the world of wine together!

  • Joy Ciolino

    Vinera Wine Society Representative - Executive Level

    I joined Vinera Wine Society in August of 2009 and I am thrilled to be part of such a wonderful team of professional wine consultants. A former restaurateur, I always enjoyed pairing wine with food for my patrons. I have enjoyed sharing my passion and wine knowledge with my clients, friends, and family.

  • Ema Baskovic

    Vinera Wine Society Representative - Executive Level

    The best advice that I ever got was ”Just go” and so I did. Working with Vinera Wine Society, I realized that traveling is more than just packing a suitcase, buying a ticket and sending postcards, now I travel with every sip of wine. Sometimes I travel back in time, sometimes in the future and there are times when I just sit back and watch the day pass me by. And yes, there are still places and faces that I wish to see and discover and how lucky would I be if you would join me on this journey of gypsy hearts in a search of the truth that lies only in wine.

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