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About Vinera Wine Society

Over the past 40 years our family of wine has evolved into an amazing society; bringing winemakers around the world together with wine lovers throughout America.

We only work with family-owned wineries and establish personal relationships with the winemakers. We want you to learn about the wines you love, travel with us to the wineries and meet the winemakers. We are all about personal relationships, good health, a fun lifestyle and heaps of fine wines! We welcome anyone with a passion for wine, from novices to collectors, to be part of our global wine community and join our Vinera Wine Society.

  • Hans Fritsch

    Founder of Vinera Wine Society

    Hans G. Fritsch, a Munich, Germany native, has been immersed in the world of wine since 1990 when he joined the Vinera Wines. With a deep passion for wine and a love of travel, he has dedicated his career to sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm with wine lovers in the United States. Hans is known for his exceptional ability to identify and introduce boutique wineries from around the world, offering wine enthusiasts the opportunity to discover hidden gems. His commitment to educating and inspiring others about wine shines through in his engaging presentations and tastings. With over three decades of experience in the wine industry, Hans has established himself as a respected figure among wine professionals and enthusiasts alike. Whether through his work with Vinera Wines or his personal endeavors, Hans continues to be a passionate advocate for the joys of wine and its ability to bring people together.

  • Julene Schlobohm

    Personal Wine Consultant - Executive Level

    For over 20 years, Julene has embarked on an amazing journey of wine and travel with Vinera Wine Society. Her passion is to guide people through their personal journey with wine, while also traveling the world with others and bringing the world of wine to life! The relationships she has cultivated along the way have deeply influenced the person she is today. Julene takes great pride in pouring some of the best wines the world has to offer. Beyond the quality of wine Vinera offers, Julene values everything behind it—the people, her co-workers, and clients—making this more than just a job to her.

  • Jason Frantl

    Personal Wine Consultant

    Jason Frantl, our newest member of the team, is no stranger to the wine business. Jason started his journey in connecting clients with fine wines in 2005. This is where he met a Sommelier named Ricardo Richardson in the same business who mentored him on what to study, read, and most importantly what to drink! This is where his appreciation and passion for smaller vineyards really took hold. Jason began hosting wine tastings in the Milwaukee-area  where he was born and raised. As a Senior Executive wine consultant for PRP Wines, his love for connecting the perfect wines for his clients needs, made him lifelong relationships that continue to this day. While traveling around the United States, France and Dubai, Jason developed a love for traveling and being introduced to new cultures. His vast wine knowledge, fun and relaxed approach allow his clientele to make an informed decision on which wines to keep in the cellar.

  • Agi Fritsch

    Personal Wine Consultant - Executive Level

    For the past 20 years, wine and travel have been my passion and way of life. This journey has resulted in strong relationships with winemakers and co-workers but most importantly, it has allowed me to achieve my ultimate goal of sharing my passion for wine and travel. Sharing and making you fall in love with the world of wine is Vinera’s main focus and I am thrilled to be your guide. Together, we will discover the old and new world of wine while creating memories and long lasting friendships!

  • Liza Smith

    Personal Wine Consultant - Executive Level

    Liza, an essential member of Vinera Wine Society since 2002, is driven by a profound passion for matching people with wines. With a love for wine, travel, and connecting with others, Liza’s role at Vinera has allowed her to indulge in all three passions. Her journey into the world of international wines started during her initial European trip years ago, where she uncovered the nuances that make each wine unique. Liza continues to expand her palate and knowledge through frequent travels abroad, ensuring a continuous “refresh” in her understanding of international wines.

  • Joy Ciolino

    Personal Wine Consultant - Executive Level

    Joy has been an integral part of the Vinera Wines team for 15 years, bringing a wealth of experience to her role as an international wine consultant. She finds immense joy in building strong relationships with clients and introducing them to exceptional wines from across the globe. Joy’s expertise extends to pairing Vinera Wines with delectable cuisine, with a special fondness for Italian Amarone. Outside of work, she indulges in smooth Jazz, dancing, culinary adventures, quality time with family, and leisurely walks with her beloved four-legged companion, Ginger.

  • Ema Baskovic

    Personal Wine Consultant - Executive Level

    The best advice that I ever got was ”Just go” and so I did. Working with Vinera Wine Society, I realized that traveling is more than just packing a suitcase, buying a ticket and sending postcards, now I travel with every sip of wine. Sometimes I travel back in time, sometimes in the future and there are times when I just sit back and watch the day pass me by. And yes, there are still places and faces that I wish to see and discover and how lucky would I be if you would join me on this journey of gypsy hearts in a search of the truth that lies only in wine.

  • Cardi Mobley

    Personal Wine Consultant

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